In this section you can view a Live Demo, watch videos and register for a Free Trial of our Internet Content Filter and Reporting Engine.

The Live Demo and Free Trial will provide you with an overview of the power at your fingertips as well as the value the LucidView Enforcer White-label, back-end solution can provide to your clients on your behalf.

Example Dashboards and Reports

Below are sample example of what is available on our Live Demo.  These are LIVE Dashboard and Reports that available on the LucidView Enforcer.

Bandwidth Dashboard

Basic Dashboard

Regional Dashboard

Weekly Malware Report

Weekly Category Report

Video of Enforcer
Mikrotik Enforcer Video

This video demonstrates what you could provide your clients

  • How to configure the Content Filter
  • How to pull and schedule Internet usage Reports.

Remember that this is a 100-percent white-label solution so this would be hosted under your domain and the product name “Enforcer” can be named to whatever you wish.

Video of Enforcer
MikroTik Enforcer Portal Video

This video shows you the Enforcer Portal Interface that typically the ISP and/or IT Department would have access to. This is where one creates and manages all the Enforcer profiles.

Video of management portal
Access Live Demo Enforcer

The Enforcer Demo  gives you access to an Enforcer, which is typically what your clients and/or departments will access.

Login to Demo Enforcer
Access Live Demo Portal

The Portal Demo gives you FULL access to the Enforcer Portal, which is where one creates Enforcers.

Login to Demo Portal
30 day Free Trial on your MikroTik

LucidView offers a 30 day free trial to the Enforcer Portal, where you are able to create your own Enforcers, on your own MikroTik routers.

This is a fully featured trial.

Try the Free trial