The LucidView Guardian Solution

The LucidView Command Centre

LucidView Security Beyond the Firewall

Centralized Collation and Analysis


The LucidView Command Centre collates data for analysis from paired Guardians. This gives an overhead view of the entire WAN, providing the ability to compare usage between branches and allowing for trend analysis and expansion planning.

All the information that is available on the Guardians paired to the Command Centre is available locally on it. This makes it easy to cross-reference a specific application’s network usage over the entire WAN. Monitoring the health of an important business application across multiple LANs is a very simple exercise, and this proves an invaluable resource when planning expansion.


Centralized Status Reporting


The LucidView Command Centre offers a centralized platform to view the status of all the remote Guardians on the network. Service levels and device health can be monitored at a single point.

The Command Centre provides the ideal method of tracking a zero-day attack on the network and is able to issue alerts on hacking attempts.




The Dashboard provides the ability to view the entire WAN at a glance, and spot problem points and possible problems immediately from a network operations centre.

This output can be specially formatted for a continuous large-screen display. This allows a network operations centre to display a real-time view of the network on a wall screen.