The LucidView Guardian Solution

The LucidView Command Centre

LucidView Security Beyond the Firewall

Key Features of the LucidView Enhanced Guardian

  1. Complete Visibility of Internet Usage
  2. Sophisticated Content ,User and Transaction based HTTP Prioritisation
  3. Content and User SMTP Prioritisation
  4. Content and User based Applications Prioritisation
  5. Clear visibility of all transactions taking place over the Departments network and Internet resources.
  6. Caching Capabilities
  7. Network QoS reporting
  8. The ability to clearly show real time connectivity and bandwidth utilisation.
  9. Identifying what exactly is causing these resources to be saturated and unresponsive.
  10. Meaningful and easy to understand management level reporting on all transactions taking place over these key resources.
  11. AD Integration for user based reporting on all browsing and email activities within the Department
  12. Provide the Department with a comprehensive range of tools to effectively implement WAN and Internet Usage Policies thereby increasing responsiveness of key systems and applications significantly.
  13. Centralised Management
  14. Real-time identification and alerts on any anomalies affecting the performance of   networking and Internet resources
  15. Category blocking
  16. Access control and security
  17. Trend analysis and capacity planning.
  18. Enabling bandwidth capacity planning  (growth analysis – scaling predicting)
  19. Managing the abuse of the network and Internet resources (Intentional or accidental)
  20. Enabling bandwidth utilisation metering
  21. Monitoring service levels (Agreed performance)
  22. Protection against malware, phishing, ransomware, key stroke loggers and DDOS Attacks
  23. Assisting with the planning and on-going management of  the  departments Disaster Recovery Strategy

The LucidView Guardian is an appliance installed inline at your Internet Gateway. The solution is completely scalable and easily managed from a central point.