The Multi Profile Enforcer

The Multi-Profile Enforcer is the Enforcer Solution installaed on a MikroTik Cloud Core Router that has thousands of Enforcer Profiles on it.  This solution is ideal for ISP’s, MSP’s, IT Services providers, Fibre Network Operators and large Enterprises.

This solution is not available to MikroTik Portal Accounts that are not Pro Accounts.

If you are an ISP with a central break-out point you do not need a MIkroTik Router at each of your customers.  You can, using a MikroTik Cloud Core Router, host thousands of profiles at one central point.

With this option you will need LucidView’s assistance.  Please fill out the contact page form and indicate that you are interested in the Multi-Profile Enforcer and we will contact you to discuss further..

The Multi-Profile Solution is a full-featured solution.