The Why and the Who

The Internet, like most things in life has advantages and disadvantages.  Access to the Internet is now widely spread, 4G, fast broadband links, free WiFi and the introduction and wide use of smartphones has made it accessible almost everywhere.

Due to the rapid development and evolution of the Internet, governments have been unable to regulate at the same pace new content and ease of access has.  This is likely to always be the case, bureaucracy by nature is slow and cumbersome, the Internet is simply the polar opposite, rapid and changing all the time. 

Clean Internet for Kids

Everyone agrees that there is content on the Internet that our children need to be protected from.  Clean Internet for kids is a concern for most every parent, teacher or guardian involved with the development of children.  Until now, solutions that are effective are either far too expensive or far too technical.  

Clean Internet for Business

Business too have Clean Internet requirements, not only to protect against their employees breaking piracy or gambling laws, but simply to ensure productivity is maintained in this era of cyber-loafing , as well as ensure Internet resources are responsive and being used for the purposes they were purchased.  The solutions available to business are usually complex and costly.

A Build your Own Product and Business Opportunity

LucidView has developed a “do it yourself” solution.  By simply investing in a MikroTik Router and following our well laid instructions, anyone can build a Standard Enforcer.  The Standard Enforcer is free.  It is an advanced Content Filter that will put the control and management of Internet access in the hands of the parent or the business owner.

The larger opportunity it offers, however, is the tools to start your own business, become your own boss.  Anyone with a bit of drive, the ability follow instructional guides and a ready market, whether it be a body corporate, a parental group, someone who deals with SME’s already, or a general IT service provider can take this combination of MikroTik Router and LucidView Config script, build a product and sell it on.


About the Solution and the Demand

The LucidView Enforcer Solution is an effective, robust Clean Internet Solution. LucidView provides the how-to build instructions in an easy to follow pdf guide and video’s.  Anyone can build this with our step-by-step instructions.

Taking advantage of the opportunities described below will provide anyone with limited technical knowledge and minimal capital layout to start your own business, become your own boss.  LucidView will provide you with the software and instructions on how to install it for absolutely no charge.

If you are looking for an opportunity, a new business, then look no further.  The demand is there, legislation is catching up with technology, countries across the globe are demanding that children be protected, that piracy be prevented and much more.

The LucidView Enforcer is a highly advanced, constantly learning Web Content Filter and it’s free.

OPTION 1: Build your Own Standard LucidView Enforcers

  • Our Standard Enforcer is extremely easy to build.  You simply need the instructions and a MikroTik Router that is configured with our free script.  Once you have installed the script we provide free of charge onto the MikroTik Router you have a LucidView Enforcer which is installed at your client site, providing them with an advanced Content Filter.
  • You can bill your clients for this service as you wish.
  • As this is a free service, your profit is yours. Simply click on the image to the right and follow the instructions.

Anyone can build a Standard Enforcer, you do not have to have technical knowledge, you simply need to follow the guides provided and contact us should you encounter any issues.

Basic Dashboard Example

OPTION 2: Clean Internet with the Bolt-On LucidView Enforcer:

  • This solution is designed for individuals or businesses with some technical know-how.
  • Specific understanding of MikroTik Routers would be advantageous
  • It is an advanced Content Filter and Reporting Solution that is absolutely free.
  • Simply follow the instructions by clicking on the image to left.


Creating your own business using your knowledge of MikroTik Routers

LucidView has published some articles on this, the following three should get you started on how to become your own boss with your knowledge of MikroTik RouterOS and our Config Script.


Bolt-On Content Filter and IDPS Solution for MikroTik RouterOS

Creating a Value-Add to your existing Customer service

Are you MiktroTik Administrator?

Our blogs also provide a wealth of information that can used when marketing the product.

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