The LucidView Business VPN

  • Providing management & security for your WFH users
  • Providing Privacy not Piracy for WFH users

Clock In and Out Business VPN

With millions of people around the globe working from home in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic, a business VPN tool is essential, business needs oversight as to when staff are clocking in and out.  The LucidView Business VPN  provides this essential oversight, business continuity and protection from cyber threats. 

Where companies have cloud based business applications, LucidView has designed a Business Content Filter to increase the responsiveness and security of work-related tasks.

Cyber Security

This new reality is leaving home workers more at risk of ransomware, malware and phishing attempts as these users no longer enjoy the security provided by Firewalls and Proxy protection typically provided by the office.  

Free VPN providers are high risk.  They are designed to circumvent company policy, providing VPN’s for users to get around Firewalls/Proxy’s. They are not designed to provide security for both WFH users or companies, in fact to the contrary they may be collecting your personal data or planting malware – privacy is not their game. As a rule, one should look for a VPN that is locally based.

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Features of the LucidView Business VPN


Business Content Filtering Policy

The internet is a very loosely regulated environment for content and, by its nature, allows for undesirable content to be easily accessible. Using the LucidView Business VPN, companies are able to protect their cloud business applications such as Office 365, Salesforce etc. from hackers, malware and other cyber-threats.

With LucidView’s Business VPN service:

  • Your end-user devices are automatically fire-walled, and
  • All internet browsing content is filtered by category, allowing only for work related activities.

The following categories will not be available on the VPN ensuring responsiveness and protection to your business continuity.

  • Movies
  • Gambling
  • Explicit Content
  • Social Media
  • Windows and other App updates

The product has been designed and developed to be simple, for self-setup and self-control. 

This will provide users with secure access to all cloud based applications needed for business continuity.


Both management and the end-user will be provided with email reports on each users bandwidth usage while connected to the LucidView Business VPN either daily and weekly.  Management will receive User reports which will provide insight into the following:

  • Line Chart: Bandwidth Usage
  • Table View: Bandwidth Usage
  • Stacked area graph: Top VPN Categories accessed
  • Table View: Top VPN’s 
  • Table view : Top VPN Categories

Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA)

CIA  has and will continue to be of great concern during this WFH period.  Traditonally, cyber-crime has been stifled at the corporation level with Firewalls and Proxy solutions. The cyber-crime businesses are now targeting those organisations and people who don’t have the resources in place to assure they remain secure and constantly monitor their internet traffic for new threats to be mitigated.

With LucidView’s Business VPN service:

  • We identify, inform you and can even block any attempted, unauthorised remote access
  • We identify and inform you of any malware or spyware being triggered on your devices
  • We show you full, meaningful visibility of what is happening on your network – you can’t manage what you can’t see!

Responsive, Available WFH on Capped and 3G connections

As the business policy ensure the updates and downloads are not part of the business content filter, this will assist staff with capped internet from bandwidth wastage as there will be no updates running in the background chewing up their data.

Working from Home (WFH) or Remotely

Every end-user device that connects to LucidView’s Business VPN will have the above security and clean internet benefits because it connects to our Clean Internet AI Engine that is powered by Big Data Analytics in the Google Cloud.


Why the LucidView Business VPN is better

Please read this article to see why how LucidView’s Business VPN is different from most other VPNs offered:  These Free VPN’s focus on piracy as opposed to privacy.


  • Registration is free. (i.e. creating an account is free.)
  • $2.00 per month, per active VPN.
  • Payment strictly via PayPal within 10 days of invoice.