MikroTik Enforcer Free

Enjoy our Free Advanced MikroTik Content Filter and Reporting Cloud.  

LucidView offers a free version of both the Standard MikroTik Enforcer as well as the Bolt-On MikroTik Enforcer. 

However, with the Free Version the following features are not available:

  • White-labelling – The reports, portal, dashboards, block page messages etc. will all include LucidView branding.
  • Limits to Reports – Source IP reports will not be available under the Free Version
  • Support – LucidView will not provide support to Free Users,
  • Limited Interactive dashboard graphs – under the Free Version only a select set of predefined graphs will be available.
  • No time based rules

Features that are available to Free Users include:

  • Free Advanced MikroTik Content Filter – you will have full access to our always learning and growing content filter
  • Malware Reports – limited IDS
  • Malware and Risk Dashboards – limited IDS

MikroTik Enforcer Pro

With the Enforcer Pro version you will have access to all features of the solution, these include, but are not limited to:

  • 100% White-label, back-end solution – every aspect of the solution can be branded as your own.
  • Extensive reporting on all aspect of traffic usage
  • Limited Support
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Advanced MikroTik Content Filter including Time based rules
  • Full behaviour based IDS/IPS