DNS Content Filter

The LucidView DNS Filter requires no hardware, one simply needs to redirect your organisation to our Cloud Based DNS filtering system.  This solution categorises all browsing into the various categories listed in the section below.  This allows you to block specific categories from being browsed, you can also create any number of profiles with different browsing rules.  For example; students would require a stricter block list than teachers.

Our database is vast and our A.I. crawler is constantly working at adding new sites. New sites are analysed and added to the database with the appropriate category within 30 minutes.



Our DNS Content filter is easy to set-up. For organisations with a fixed IP address you simply need to redirect to one of our DNS servers. We have a number of these across the globe.

If your organisation does not have a fixed IP then you need to set-up an l2tp  VPN to our Cloud DNS filter, and route the DNS traffic over that VPN.


DNS filtering will effectively stop any users who are trying to browse websites by domain name i.e. www.website.com that are blocked. 

DNS Filter Categories

  • Adult Sites containing explicit content.
  • Adverts – Sites hosting online adverts
  • AnonymizerWeb based proxies and unblock sites used to bypass Firewalls and thus, Content Filtering.
  • Big Tech – Microsoft, Apple and Google applications
  • Big Tech Heavy – This category contains heavy bandwidth components of big tech companies such as: Microsoft updates, Facebook video, Instagram images and Apple iTunes. This category was designed to be used for lower priority shaping on congested Internet lines.
  • CDN – Content Delivery Networks
  • DoH – This identifies DNS connections over HTTPS. Blocking this category is HIGHLY recommended at all times, because this ensures that connections are correctly categories into the other categories. For example, not blocking this DoH category will result in many connections being incorrectly categorised as suspicious or torrent category.
  • GamblingOnline gambling sites.
  • Gaming – Gaming, and gaming related sites. – It is recommended that the “suspicious” also be blocked in conjunction with blocking this category to more effectively block online gaming
  • Instant Messaging – Instant messaging (IM) technology is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet.-EXPERIMENTAL
  • Movies – Torrent trackers and Movies/Music streaming/download sites
  • Neutral – None of the other categories apply to these sites
  • Risk  – Known malware or phishing sites
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc
  • Suspicious – A connection is regarded as suspicious when the host domain is unknown, and the connection is made on standard port. Typically VPNs, sometimes VOIP servers, and remote hacker connections are tagged in this category.
  • Torrent – A connection is regarded as torrent when the host domain is unknown, and the connection is made on a nonstandard port. Typically DarkWeb, Torrent, some Gaming streams and Remote Unauthorised Hacker connections are identified in the category.
  • Untrustworthy – This category is based on a sophisticated algorithm to detect DGA Malware types of connections. This is a popular way for remote hackers to gain access into networks.
  • VPN – Connections to Internet IP addresses making use of known VPN ports.
  • YouTube – Youtube, Google video and Android updates


LucidView offers enterprise pricing.  Please do contact us for a quotation.