Netflow Traffic Analysis Portal

  • Providing visibility on your Internet traffic
  • Meaningful analysis of your firewall or router log data


Most firewalls and/or routers can export the log data as Netflow, which is the format in which our Internet log Analysis Portal accepts the raw log data.


The Internet Log Analysis portal categorizes the traffic, into content type,
making for a more meaningful reporting view.

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Examples of Reports and Dashboards you can expect to see on your Internet traffic

Bandwidth Dashboard

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Basic Dashboard

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Regional Dashboard

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Malware Dashboard

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Customized scheduled reports

Weekly Malware Report

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Weekly Category Report

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Content Filter

This content filter is a bonus feature within the Internet Traffic Analysis portal. There is an option for you to make use of the DNS based Content filter which can be used if you have Fixed Internet IP addresses.

The Content Filter options:


Web based proxies and unblock sites to bypass firewalls content filters


Known Malware or Phishing sites


These are connection that are typically used by hackers to gain remote access into your network, through which they attempt to conduct their nefarious activities such as stealing data, or planting ransomware, etc.


Online gambling sites


This identifies BitTorrent file distribution system connections, which is typically used for multimedia file sharing.


Instant messaging (IM) technology is a type of online chat that offers real-time text transmission over the Internet.-EXPERIMENTAL


Sites containing explicit content


Sites which deliver Movies and Music content.


Youtube and Google video


HTTPS sites that do not have valid SSL certificates hosted on them.-EXPERIMENTAL


Facebook and Instagram

Enforce Google Safe Search

This will force the the Google safe search filter to be activated for Google searches

Enforce Youtube Safe Search

This will force the the Google safe search filter to be activated for YouTube