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Internet IP Database

Please contact us directly if you are interested in purchasing and subscribing to the Internet IP Database.

Enforcer Config Scripts

 The Enforcer Config Scripts  for MikroTik are 100% free of charge to non-Enterprise accounts. However, the admin account has a limit of 32GB of RAM (i.e. the SUM of all the MikroTik device’s combined RAM), that are connected, will be limited to a total of 32GB RAM.

Examples of this: 

  • 32 x 1GB ‘RB1100AHx4 equals 32GB
  • 2 x CCR1072 equals 32GB

If you can see your account growing to beyond 32GB, i.e. all your MikroTik Routers combined RAM will be more than 32GB per month please do get in touch with us.



Managed Internet solution

LucidView provides fully managed Enterprise Solutions.  Please contact us directly so we can quote you for your specific requirements.