LucidView Business VPN

Privacy vs Piracy – Why you should use LucidView’s Business VPN

With the globe on lock-down and people working from home in droves the media are encouraging companies to ensure they use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to protect their business and staff from cyber criminals. 

Not all VPNs are equal 

The problem is that most VPN services actually pose a serious risk to users. VPN services typically target those who want their identity protected while circumventing legitimate streaming providers’ country limits (for example Netflix). Even worse, VPN services are also used by users that conduct nefarious activities such as hacking and extorting money from businesses by means of ransomware.  VPNs may therefore be a double edged sword in that they may provide protection for remote hackers to access your PC as much as they provide protection for you to access the business network. 

LucidView has therefore developed a secure Business VPN solution that enables employees to work from home while protecting both them and the business. The LucidView’s Business VPN has a number of unique features that makes it a true business VPN that protects users and businesses from cyber-threats. 

Why the LucidView Business VPN is superior

Security –  The Lucidview’s Business VPN is designed to prevent users from circumventing businesses’ policies and introducing risk. This is achieved by applying a very strict content filter policy which blocks known malware and phishing site access, as well as a sophisticated detection algorithm that kills off remote hackers who may have gained access to a PC.

It has been developed specifically with business requirements in mind.  These include secure connections to business cloud-based applications, the ability to protect users and business from malware sites, the ability to view what was accessed and the ability to identify connections that are malicious in intent.

Audit TrailsThe LucidView Business VPN provides detailed reporting on a daily and weekly basis which can prove extremely useful if a cyber-criminal were to circumvent the current cyber security measures. This will assist greatly with gathering evidence, should you require it for prosecution purposes.

Using the LucidView Business VPN you will be able to pull graphs and reports that identify any malware that may have slipped through and you will be able to see when it was installed and on which end user. The LucidView Business VPN holds three months’ worth of audit logs of the traffic flowing through the VPN which can be archived on request.

Clocking in and Out The LucidView VPN service is designed to allow employers to see when employees clock in and out while monitoring their network while they are clocked in. 

Cloud Security – The LucidView VPN service ensures that cloud based business applications are secure by creating a VPN between your employees and your cloud based applications such as Salesforce, Office365 and others. 

Saves Data and Bandwidth – Moreover, the LucidView VPN service ensures that your users’ data and bandwidth is not being used up in the background by Windows or other applications updating in the background. This is particularly helpful for employees who have capped Internet connections. Logs are kept of the sites visited by each of your users which is important from both a management and security standpoint.

The LucidView Business VPN service is designed to ensure that your staff and your business have confidentiality, security, integrity and availability as key elements. 

Locally hosted – LucidView has VPN servers in South Africa, the UK, Europe and the US. Locally hosted VPNs are important when it comes to security. If you would like to make use of the LucidView Business VPN and are not best served by the servers in any of these countries then please feel free to contact us.  

During this difficult time, it is important for businesses to protect their employees’ health and security while not compromising  the business’ cyber-security and business continuity.