You can’t manage what you can’t see!

LucidView’s primary focus is to provide meaningful visibility and management  your network and Internet resources, as well as security that goes beyond your Firewall.  

LucidView provides three primary solutions to meet these requirements which are critical in the administration of your or your clients IT infrastructure.

The LucidView Guardian Solution

The is an onsite appliance based solution which manages your Internet gateway comprehensively, it includes total visibility of all transactions that transverse your network and provides meaningful monitoring, visibility, reporting and advanced security.

The LucidView Data Analysis Portal

By simply pushing your Netlow Logs to the LucidView Data Portal we are able to provide you with automated customisable reports that allow you an enriched meaningful view of your data.  

The LucidView Security Solution

Security is a major concern for every organisation that utilises the Internet for business purposes.  Threats come from a variety of sources and it is no longer viable to rely simply on signature based anti-virus software.

The LucidView Security solution takes security beyond your firewall and anti-virus protection and using a range of unique techniques designed to protect organisations from a variety threats ranging from inappropriate content, to identification and protection from malware, phishing, ransomware, key stroke loggers and DDOS attacks.