LucidView has been protecting organisations against a myriad of threats from malware to misuse and abuse for 12 years now.  The company has won a number of prestigious awards in this space and has always had an innovative and unique approach to cyber security and bandwidth management.

As global industry becomes more and more dependent on the Internet the threats to industry become ever more sophisticated.

A single pointed approach such as anti-virus software is no longer sufficient to protect against the mulitude of sophisticated threats facing them from the Internet.

LucidView is committed to ensuring maximum protection to organisations, service providers and enterprises.  LucidView provides a multi-pronged approach to both security and bandwidth management  issues facing Industry today.  Our core services included:

  • In-depth visibility and monitoring
  • Automated, customisable, granular reporting
  • Customisable dashboard views of your data base on your netflow logs
  • Sophisticated content filtering and management
  • Unique behaviour based prioritisation
  • Identification and protection against malware, phishing sites, ransomware, keystroke loggers, DDOS attacks and more
  • Security Alerts

To name just a few.