MikroTik Internet Management Solutions – An Overview

Are you an ISP, MSP, FNO, IT Service Provider or large Enterprise?  Looking for a value-add solution to add to your service offering?

Or do you just want to be able to manage your network? Perhaps, you simply want to limit the amount time your employees, or kids are spending on Social Media.

LucidView has just the solution for you.

The LucidView Enforcer

Our feature rich solution offers a suite of tools that enable you to completely manage your Internet traffic or that of your customers.  These features include:

  • Advanced Content Filter…read more
  • Usage Reports ….read more
  • Powerful Intrusion Detection and Prevention….read more
  • Effective Bandwidth Allocation with our FairShare Feature….read more

Our Cloud Reporting Engine provides detailed Usage Reports and Interactive Dashboards that can be drilled down to identify any anomaly.  * Dashboards and detailed reporting available only on MikroTik Portal Pro Accounts.

Our Content Filter is advanced, constantly crawling, analysing, classifying and adding new sites.  It is also extremely difficult to circumvent. 

Our IDS/IPS is based on in-depth behavioural analysis of each and every connection. Any suspicious connections are immediately eliminated ensuring the security of your or your customer’s network.   

These are just a few of the management tools at your disposal using our the LucidView MikroTik Enforcer Solution. 

We provide everything you need to actively manage the Internet. 

This solution is 100% free.  Simply register your account on our portal, follow our comprehensive instructional guides and video’s and transform your MikroTik Router into a robust Internet Management tool.


How to convert your MikroTik Router into a powerful Internet Management Tool

We provide live demo’s of the LucidView Enforcer to allow you an overview of the solution.

For a breakdown of how the LucidView Enforcer works……read more

Want to build a LucidView Enforcer…..read more

  • To build a Standard Enforcer……read more
  • To build a Bolt-On Enforcer…….read more
  • For more info on the Multi Profile Enforcer……read more

Simply contact us should you have any questions.

Who we do this for……

We provide highly effective Internet Management Services for:

Why we do this……..

We believe everyone deserves clean and affordable Internet Management…

how we do this……..

We provide Internet Management Solutions for all shapes and sizes…

MikroTik Portal – create Enforcers.

Install types

  • Standard LucidView Enforcer – Home & SME Users
  • Bolt-On LucidView Enforcer – For existing MikroTiks
  • Multi Profile LucidView Enforcer for 1000 plus profiles – ISPs and Large Enterprises

LucidView Guardian

  • Gateway Proxy for Large Enterprises
Internet Content Filter Dashboard
Dashboard image of content filter

LucidView Enforcer – manage your Internet Traffic

The LucidView Enforcer is a configuration script for any MikroTik Router, running RouterOS. Applying this script to your MikroTik will create a MikroTik Enforcer.

The solution provides you with the tools to view and manage your Internet Traffic.  More importantly, it allows you to offer value-add services to your clients. The MikroTik Enforcer is feature rich, importantly, providing a sophisticated Content Filter.

See the MikroTik Enforcers Content Filter, Dashboard views and Reports.

Anyone familiar with MikroTik Routers can create LucidView MikroTik Enforcer using our Cloud.

In short, our solution allows you to decide;  what type of Content is allowed, when certain content may be accessed, how bandwidth is allocated and much more.

Please take a look at our Demo or advantage of our LucidView Enforcer  to benefit from this Made for MikroTik Solution.

LucidView Guardian – Creating Visibility and Management at your Gateway

The LucidView Guardian is an exceptionally powerful Proxy server/Firewall for Enterprise-sized organisations.

The Guardian provides these organisations with complete visibility on their Network and Internet Infrastructure. Moreover, it then provides an extensive array of tools whereby the organisation can manage their Internet, so it aligns with their Internet policies.

Installed at the gateway, with the ability to integrate into your AD. This is a powerful management, monitoring, trending and auditing solution.

Additionally it removes anonymity from browsing, which reduces Internet abuse and misuse dramatically.

The LucidView Guardian also has Content Filtering, blocking and time-based rules to provide you with an array of options.