Who we are

LucidView has been in the business of providing secure, clean, fast and visible Internet since 2005.  In other words, we have been in the Internet Management space for a long time.

Our motto has always been that you can’t manage what you can’t see.  So shining light onto Internet and network traffic has always been a key part of our offerings.

Only once you know what is traversing your Internet lines can you begin to ensure that it is protected, content is managed and content based traffic shaping takes place.

Over the years, technology has changed significantly.  Previously it was a “nice to have”, it is now essential for every business and almost every individual.  Smart phones have introduced new challenges, that previously didn’t exist as people used to primarily use the Internet via a proxy and behind a firewall.

Proxies and firewalls are expensive and for the most part only Enterprise sized organisations can afford them.

It is for this reason that LucidView has decided to provide secure, clean and fast Internet to individuals, small and medium business for free. 



MikroTik RouterOS is an affordable router product that can compete with products ten times more expensive.  As such it is gaining market share across the world against the big names in the industry.

LucidView has developed configuration scripts to enhance MikroTik RouterOS and turn it into a powerful content filter, IPS solution, Content based traffic shaping (fast) Internet as well as reports, dashboards and traffic flow analysis tools.

Running our scripts on your MikroTik will not alter your existing configs.

The LucidView MikroTik Enforcer is approved by MikroTik.

LucidView has presented at both the MUM Conferences in Istanbul (2018) and Johannesburg (2020)

Please the videos below:


Presentation of the LucidView Behaviour Based IPS at the MikroTik User Conference in February 2020.  Demonstrating how effective our IPS module is against malware, hackers and more.


Presentation of our web filtering and log data analysis at the Mikrotik Users Conference in Istanbul in October 2018.


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