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Internet Management Solutions

LucidView provides a range of Internet management solutions. A number of our solutions are built with MikroTik RouterOS in mind.  These include; managing line saturation, removing the need to upgrade bandwidth, advanced Content Filtering providing both home and  business customers/users with a clean Internet experience as well as effective behaviour based IDS and hack protection, proactively protecting customers/users from cyber threats including zero day attacks.

For ISP’s, Enterprises or home users we provide a sophisticated netflow analysis tool which can be used to provide meaningful reporting on your Internet traffic.  We also offer a DNS filter that will assist in providing Clean Internet to users.  And finally, for WFH companies, we provide a secure business VPN for all cloud based business applications.  The Business VPN provides insight into clock in and clock out times of users as well as details on their Internet traffic.

Congestion Manager for MikroTik

The LucidView Congestion Manager negates the need for costly bandwidth upgrades by managing your Internet traffic using priority and categories.  The Congestion Manager enables saturated links to be responsive by tagging streaming activity such as YouTube, Facebook Video, Netflix and more…… more

Content Filter for MikroTik

Clean Internet for Family – Our Content Filter ensures that the Internet is family friendly.  

Clean Internet for Business – Using the Content Filter business can ensure that only clean Internet is available on their network.  Additionally, the Content Filter provides security to business by identifying and blocking malware, phishing and, ransomware and other cyber threats… more

Intrusion Detection for MikroTik (IDS)

Cyber Crime is always a threat.  Hackers dedicate their time and resources to finding weaknesses and exploiting them. This new WFH reality is providing hackers more and more opportunities to exploit individuals and companies.  Advanced intrusion detection and prevention is necessary…………read more

DNS Filter

Our DNS Filter is purely a cloud based solution.  No hardware is required. We have an extensive database of websites are categorised into easy to manage groups.  Our web crawler is constantly learning and adding new sites to the database… more

Netflow Analyser

Turn your Netflow logs into meaningful bandwidth usage data by exporting them to the LucidView Cloud which converts this data into friendly usage reports based on category, bandwidth usage, source IP’s and more. The reports are extremely user friendly and easily understood………read more

Business VPN

The Business VPN provides business with clock in – clock out functionality as well as a secure, clean VPN between employees who are working from home and cloud business applications such as Salesforce, Office365,SAP and more…….read more

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