LucidView’s Mission:

Making the Internet secure, clean and fast for individuals to ISPs.

Back-end Provider to MikroTik Customers

Turn your MikroTik Router into an Enforcer which includes; a powerful Content Filter, IPS, Shaping and Reporting Internet Management solution by running our configuration scripts on your RouterOS. These config scripts do not alter your MikroTik configs. The Enforcer makes use of our Content Filter & IPS database, providing clean, secure, fast and visible Internet to MikroTik RouterOS… more

Fully Managed Internet Solution

LucidView provides completely managed Internet Management solutions whereby we install, configure the IPS , Saturation manager,  Content Filters & Reports, Dashboards and Traffic Flow Analyser as a managed service, ensuring your organisation has clean, fast, secure and visible Internet… more

Content Filter & IPS database API

A Business API to the LucidView enriched Content Filter & Security Internet IP database is available.… more

LucidView Guardian™

The LucidView Guardian Proxy Solution is extremely powerful, providing comprehensive network visibility, granular reporting on all traffic traversing the network, it includes content and protocol-based traffic prioritisation, time-based rules, firewalling and more.…read more