LucidView’s Enforcer Modules

White label, back-end service provider to ISPs, WISPs and MSPs around the world.

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Clean Internet: Keep Internet clean for Schools, Business, home users, or WiFi Hot-spot environments…read more

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Absolute Insight: Reports, Dashboards & Traffic-Flow Analysis on all Internet traffic…read more

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Fast Internet: Keep Saturated Internet links responsive and available…read more

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Secure Internet: Keep unauthorised remote hackers out….read more

More Interesting videos…

Lucidivew IPs presentation – Mum feb 2020

Presentation of the LucidView Behaviour Based IPS at the MikroTik User Conference in February 2020.  Demonstrating how effective our IPS module is against malware, hackers and more.

Overview of the Lucidview mikrotik portal

This video provides an overview of the power of the LucidView MikroTik Portal.  We are constantly developing new features and adding them to the portal.  This video was created in 2020.

mum presentation – oct 2018

Presentation of our web filtering and log data analysis at the Mikrotik Users Conference in Istanbul in October 2018.

Modules for MikroTik:

IPS Content Filter Absolute Insight SATURATION MANAGER

Please Note: The Modules listed are designed to run with MikroTik RouterOS.