LucidView’s Mission:

Making the Internet secure, clean and fast for individuals to ISPs.

LucidView Enforcer™ for MikroTik (Free option available)

Turn your MikroTik Router into an Enforcer which includes; a powerful Content Filter, IPS, Shaping and Reporting Internet Management solution by running our configuration scripts on your RouterOS. Making use of the script is 100% free for smaller accounts. These config scripts do not alter your MikroTik configs. The Enforcer makes use of our Content Filter & IPS database, providing clean, secure, fast and visible Internet to MikroTik RouterOS… more

Fully Managed Internet Solution

LucidView provides completely managed Internet Management solutions whereby we install, configure the IPS , Saturation manager,  Content Filters & Reports, Dashboards and Traffic Flow Analyser as a managed service, ensuring your organisation has clean, fast, secure and visible Internet… more

Content Filter & IPS database API

A Business API to the LucidView enriched Content Filter & Security Internet IP database is available.… more

LucidView Guardian™

The LucidView Guardian Proxy Solution is extremely powerful, providing comprehensive network visibility, granular reporting on all traffic traversing the network, it includes content and protocol-based traffic prioritisation, time-based rules, firewalling and more.…read more