Lucidview Guardian

LucidView MikroTik Enforcer Modules 

 Content FilterIPS , Saturation Manager,& Visibility

MikroTik IPS

Security, IDS and IPS are critical to ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability.  The LucidView Security and IPS for MikroTik has made this both simple, yet highly effective at identifying and eliminating threats to yours and your customers network environments…………read more

MikroTik Content Filter

Clean Internet for Family – Our Content Filter ensures that the Internet is family friendly.  

Clean Internet for Business – Using the Content Filter business can ensure that only clean Internet is available on their network.  Additionally, the Content Filter provides security to business by identifying and blocking malware, phishing and, ransomware and other cyber threats… more

MikroTik Saturation Manager

The LucidView Saturation Manager negates the need for costly bandwidth upgrades by managing your Internet traffic using priority and categories.  The Saturation Manager enables saturated links to be responsive and available …… more


MikroTik Visibility

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Using the MikroTik Visibility Module you have access the  LucidView Cloud which converts log data into friendly usage reports based on category, bandwidth usage, source IP’s and more.  Additionally, you will be able to create advanced custom dashboards of all aspects of your internet.  These dashboards provide you with an interactive log analysis tool that allows you to drill down into each dashboard for additional granular data on all connections,………read more

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