Visibility & Reporting

You can’t manage what you can’t SEE.

Without Network Visiblity and end-to-end Monitoring, it is impossible to manage critical Internet resources.

This is the basic premise upon which all LucidView Solutions are developed.  LucidView using a number of sophisticated tools developed by LucidView Engineers, provides real time monitoring of all network and Internet traffic.

The LucidView Data Analysis Portal is the latest solution in our arsenal, it is designed primarily to enable MSP’s, Auditors and Business to have complete oversight of and insight into critical IT infrastructure.  The LucidView Data Analysis Portal is a cloud delivered solution eliminating the necessity of costly software and complex hardware management and hosting.  With just a few clicks, the LucidView Data Analysis Portal provides organisations with powerful tools enabling the creation of rich and meaningful reports on every aspect of your traffic usage.

These reports can be automated, scheduled and delivered to any individual or group that you choose.

The Portal uses your organisations existing netflow data , analyses and enriches it to the point that it becomes valuable in the managing of your organisations critical ICT infrastructure.

All data is  presented in and reported in easy to understand actionable views using charts and graphs to illustrate the elements that are key to you.