Importance of Clean Internet for Children

This video provides a brief overview as to why it is important to ensure children have access to clean Internet.  Additional resources and reading can be found in our blog section.

Clean Internet for Children and LucidView

Clean Internet for kids refers to two key development areas that more and more studies are bringing to the attention of parents and teachers as having a negative impact on their development.  It is clear from almost every study on children and the Internet, that a powerful, effective Content Filter must be put in place to protect kids.

The more you read on the subject, the more clear it becomes that most of the Content Filtering solutions out there are simply not effective.

At LucidView Clean Internet for Children is a major concern.  As a result, our Content Filtering solution is extremely effective at blocking inappropriate content and protecting your children.

Access to dangerous content
Protecting Children from dangerous content

Block Explicit Content

The first area is the obvious.  This refers to explicit material meant only for adult consumption such as pornography and violence.  We know that pornography impacts the developing brain negatively and thus children must be protected from this material.  We cannot stress enough how important this article is for all parents.  Another study worth reading, to illustrate the effects of explicit content on the young mind can be found here.

The LucidView MikroTik Content Filter ensures that parents are able to block explicit content as well as ensure that Google and YouTube only return child friendly results.

Not familiar with MikroTik?  Not a problem. Get in touch with us and we will connect you with a skilled MikroTik service provider.

Manage Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp are not as obviously a concern.  However, the more investigation and research done into the impact that social media has on children and teens in the development phase, the more obvious it becomes that parents need to be able to put limits in place on the time children spend engaged on social media.

Parents also need to be able to have oversight into how often their children are checking into these apps, what times of day and night and have open discussions with them to ensure they aren’t being bullied or negatively impacted by these.

More than this, social media has a far reaching impact and the way in which it is managed when your child is young can impact the type of adult your child will grow into and how they will handle the work place.

It is, therefore, essential in this modern era to ensure you have an effective Content Filter in place to protect your children and their future.  The LucidView Content Filter ensures that you do not have to choose between cheap and clean Internet.  You can have both.  Additionally, the LucidView Content Filter is extremely difficult to circumvent even by the most tech savvy kids.

Social Media Addiciton
Social Media Addiction

LucidView and Clean Internet for Children

  • The LucidView Enforcer enforces safe, clean, child friendly content on your existing internet connection.
  • It gives you the ability to completely block or manage access to adult or inappropriate content, social media, gambling sites, malware and other threats. Providing safe, clean Internet for your children and students.
  • With the LucidView Enforcer, you can set up a custom blocking schedule. eg: Only allow access to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. during specific times of the day. Preventing cyber-bullying.
  • The LucidView Enforcer provides meaningful Reports.  These allow you to see what devices are doing on your network. Providing visibility is the first step in creating a clean and safe Internet Environment.
  • The Enforcer updates automatically providing new features and continued protection against newly identified threats. Ensuring your Internet remains safe.

The LucidView Enforcer is easy and inexpensive to make yourself.  Simply  download the PDF Instruction Guide and follow the step-by-step instructions provided