Traffic-Flow Analysis

The LucidView Enforcer has powerful Traffic-Flow Analysis tools which allow to drill down extensively into your netflow traffic, providing invaluable insights on all aspects of your network traffic.

We have included a number of videos here to demonstrate this powerful feature.

Demo of a few Dashboards Available

Our Dashboards are versatile, completely customisable and can show any aspect of your Internet traffic in a variety of formats.  Customers can drill down into their Dashboard for granular and detailed info.

Below are demo’s of a just a few of the dashboard options available to LucidView Guardian, Netflow and Enforcer Customers.


Consolidated Site Dashboard Demo

Click on the image on the image to see a demo of a consolidated overview of different sites, departments or even profiles.

Consolidated View of all Client Data
Consolidated Location Dashboard
Consolidated Bandwidth Dashboard
Category, Domain and Protocol Dashboard

Category, Domain & Protocol Dashboard View

Click on the image to view how bandwidth can viewed, in this demo it is you can see Categories, Domains and Protocols.

Basic Dashboard View

Click on the image to view a Basic Dashboard Demo, in this instance the top users, categories and domains are included.

Domain, Host and Protocol Dashboard View

This image shows a more detailed demo of the top bandwidth users, in this example both domains and hosts are included alongside categories and protocols.

Pie Chart Dashboard Views

Pie charts are a useful way to present complex data, click on this image, here we have chosen to represent the amount bandwidth used in a variety of ways including by category, protocol and domain.

Pie Chart Dashboard
Pie Chart Demo Dashboard