Fair Use Policy

The LucidView Enforcer™  provides clean, safe internet by blocking certain types of Internet connections as per your configuration. While, LucidView does not restrict the number of users per Enforcer, we do expect our clients to adhere to our Fair Use Policy.

This service we provide is done so by  analysing the Internet connections (i.e. analysing the connection meta information) made via the LucidView Enforcer™ , and matching such connections against the LucidView cloud database to determine which category the connection falls under, and thus the resultant action to take, as per your configuration or Internet usage policy.

As stated, LucidView does not have a restriction on the number of users that enjoy the benefits of the LucidView Content Filter, in the form of the LucidView Enforcer, however, if it is found that any LucidView Enforcer profile has a negative impact on LucidView services,  or negatively impacts other LucidView clients, or if LucidView’s resources are being used for nefarious purposes, LucidView reserves the right to disconnect such an Enforcer immediately, without notice or refunds.