Upgrading your Enforcer/s

We have upgraded the way the Enforcer connects to the cloud. The old method required SSH to perform vital functionality whereas the new method does not. The old method does not report the RAM so please upgrade to the new method by reinstalling the script.

NB: We do recommend doing a backup of your Router configuration first. 

Steps to upgrade/reinstall:

  1. Login to your LucidView Administrator Account.
  2. Download the Enforcer Configuration Script for the profile concerned.
  3. Uninstall the Enforcer by running the configuration script : https://www.lucidview.net/faqs-how-to-remove-the-lucidview-enforcer-config-from-your-mikrotik-router/
  4. Run the Enforcer Configuration Script again to reconfigure your Enforcer which will utilize newer functionality.


This is an upgrade on security which ensures that remote SSH from LucidView is no longer required for vital functionality.

Please note : The pulling of the DHCP list requires SSH functionality. If this is a feature you would like to utilize, please inspect the script with regards to SSH connectivity.