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How do I generate reports for an Enforcer Profile?

This video tutorial shows you how to generate reports for a specific Enforcer or Enforcer profile.

Steps to generate a report for your MikroTik Enforcer or Enforcer profile:

  1. Login in to your MikroTik Portal Account
  2. Click on “View All” under your Enforcer Count
  3. Locate the Enforcer or profile you wish to generate a report on
  4. Now you can either login to the Enforcer or simply click the “generate” link
  5. You will now be presented with a number ready made report types.
  6. Select the report you want to generate and then choose the options (dates etc) that you want included.
  7. Click generate.
How do I generate reports for my Enforcers?

Generating reports is a simple process. View your Enforcers, pick the Enforcer you need to report and follow the steps listed.