When uploading, please consider the following:

  1. Please select which role the image will be used for.
  2. Supported image types: bmp, jpg, png
  3. Icons and Logos must have a square ratio, the report cover image must preferably be twice as wide as it is tall.
  4. Recommend Dimensions
    >Recommended Icon Size: 32×32
    >Recommended Logo Size: 256×256
    >Recommended Report Cover Size: 2048×1024
  5. Please note that all these branding options will apply to each managed enforcer or profile depending on your set-up as well.

Log into your Management portal account. Scroll down to Custom Branding. Click on Report Branding. Now you can click on the Image Type and then upload your image and then click upload.  Please see video on Custom branding your LucidView MikroTik Portal