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How to use the Traffic-Flow Analyser as an Investigative tool

The LucidView Dashboards are more than just dashboards, they provide very effective log analysis and investigation tools.  Every dashboard can be further drilled down into using the “Advanced” options.  This feature allows you to gain valuable insights into all your netflow traffic.

This examples in the tutorials below are a good way to get started, we do encourage you to watch them so that you can get full value from your dashboards.

Using the powerful TableView Feature

The Table View feature of our Traffic-Flow Analysis tool is an extremely powerful tool in investigating and analysing your netflow traffic.

This video provides some examples on how to use this tool to get you started.

Interacting with your dashboards

This video provides a brief introduction to interacting with your dashboards. 

It includes demonstrating how, using the “Advanced” option below the dashboard, you can investigate every aspect of your traffic-flow. 

Source IP and Destination Investigation using your Dashboards

This video shows you how using your LucidView MikroTik Enforcer to drill down into each IP on your network and identify where and what it used your Internet infrastructure for, how much data it used, what sites were visited, how long the user spent on those sites and much more.

Drilling down into URLs, domains, hosts with your LucidView Dashboards

This video shows you how to determine, via the LucidView MikroTik Dashboards which user visited which URL, host, domain etc. It provides valuable insight into how your bandwidth is being used by the users in your organisation or the customers you provide services to.

Using your Dashboards to identify security risks

This video shows you how to identify security risk using the LucidView Dashboards. In this video we show you how to identify that there is a security risk and then drill down and find exactly where the issue is so that you can resolve it immediately. This is a valuable tool in rooting out malware, ransomware and unauthorised hackers that have gained access to your network.

Using your Interactive Dashboard to identify the top users

This video shows you how to view the top users for all of your LucidView MikroTik Enforcers using the interactive dashboard feature. This provides valuable insight into how the bandwidth is being used and by whom.

Investigating who visited a specific site with LucidView Dashboards

This video shows you how to use the LucidView Dashboards advanced interactive feature to identify who in your organisation visited a specific site.