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Enforcer Profiles

An Enforcer Profile consists of two aspects. First a designation on the LucidView Administration Portal and secondly a MikroTik (Or something running RouterOS) that has been configured using the accompanying script (Accessible from the Portal). Unique Enforcer profiles are required for each of your customers which will be configured to their specific requirements for each of the modules available to each Enforcer.

Enforcer profiles may also be logged in to using a separate access mechanism used by the Administration Portal. This means that you may give end users access to their own Enforcer Profiles, whereby they may configure the individual modules.

The Custom Branding settings configured within the Administration Portal will also be applied to Enforcer Portal.

Creating unique Enforcers with your LucidView MikroTik Portal Account

This video provides a brief overview of the MikroTik Portal Administration account and how it can be used to create Enforcers with their own unique content filtering policies applied.