Creating Familiar IP definitions

This video provides a step by step guide on how to name your IP address/device or an entire subnet ranges on your network to names that are meaningful to you.

Using this feature you are able to create bypass and logging exceptions for the groups that you have created .

For example: Personal end user devices may be designated and defined on the Enforcer Portal as a “Familiar Device”. These are designated by IP and you may name the device whatever you so wish.

By adding a familiar device, one may configure the familiar device to bypass the content filter or to not log it’s reporting data.

How to create a Familiar IP Definition (IP’s and Subnets)

  • Log in to the Enforcer profile.
  • Click on “Configure Category Blocking” under Content Filtering, accessible from the home screen of the Enforcer, or from the drop down menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Familiar IP Definition”
  • Click on “Create New Familiar IP Definition”. Here you will be given a choice between adding a single IP address/device or an entire subnet range.
  • Where it is a single device you want to name, select the “Define Device Option”, if it is a subnet range then click the “Define Subnet” option.
  • Once you have defined your device or subnet range you can then create bypass and logging rules for the “Familiar IP Definition”
  • Then click “Name Device” or “Name Subnet” depending on which you are creating a “Familiar IP Definition” for.

You may edit these Familiar IP Definitions as necessary by clicking on the magnifying glass for the relevant device.