Enforcer Reports are available from the “Enforcer Menu” within your Portal Account. Reports can be generated at any given time or be sent on a schedule of your choosing.

These reports provide an overview of the network traffic that is occurring on your Enforcer Profile chosen.

LucidView offers many reporting types, offering a diverse range of presented data.

Insights provided by the Reporting, Dashboards and Traffic-Analysis Tool

You can’t manage what you can’t see, therefore visibility into your network traffic is essential. The LucidView Absolute Insight Module is designed to run on MikroTik RouterOS.

This Module provides an in-depth and granular insight into all traffic traversing your network. Reports can be pulled on almost any aspect of your bandwidth usage within your network. The Visibility Module includes interactive dashboards that allow you to view your bandwidth usage at a glance, whilst the Traffic-Flow Analyser allows an in-depth investigation of your bandwidth.