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Managed Internet Solution 

  • Fully managed solution incl. Content Filtering, IPS, Content based shaping
  • Installed, configured and completely managed by LucidView

What is a Managed Internet Solution?

We do the work from installation, configuration, maintenance & support.

A Managed solution is targeted at organisations that either don’t have the time or the in-house skills to properly manage their Internet Resources.  This includes:

Content Filtering and Policy Implementation:

  • Implementing and maintain an Internet policy that aligns with your organisations goals.
  • Ensuring that your Internet is being used for business related activities and that non work related Internet is limited.
  • Ensuring that your Internet is not used for inappropriate activities such as gambling or pornography

Protection against Cyber Threats:

  • Preventing hackers from accessing your network
  • Identifying workstations that are infected with malware
  • Killing any suspicious connection before it has time to cause damage.
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection

Content Based Shaping:

  • Identifying your critical business applications and websites and ensuring that they always have bandwidth available even during times of peak usage.


  • Reporting on any aspect of your organisations Internet usage, includes user reports, top ten sites visited, management reports and much more.



Managed Internet Solution


Designed specifically for your organisation

Each organisation is unique and therefore has unique requirements.  LucidView will architect the solution in line with the organisation’s requirements, then implement, configure and manage it completely.

There is no set-up that is too complex for us.  We manage organisation’s with over one million users where each group of users requires unique content filtering policies, time based rules, content based shaping and visibility.


Managed Internet solution Pricing

Please contact us directly so we can quote you according to your specific requirements.