How to white-label your MikroTik Portal:

This video provides a step by step guide on how to personalise your MikroTik portal inline with your corporate identity.  Using this guide you will be able to select corporate colours, upload your logo’s and brand identity.

White-labelling/Branding/Personalising your MikroTik Portal Accounts:

The LucidView MikroTik Solution set is designed for ISPs, MSPs and WISPs to be able  to provide valuable Internet services to their customers their own branding and company identity.

A feature of our White-Label Solution is the ability to be able to brand as your own. There are three separate images necessary to achieve this.

These include:

  • Icon: This is the small image that appears in the browser tab.
  • Logo: This is the image at the left section of the navigation bar at the top of your portal page. Clicking redirects to the website of your choice as well. Additionally, the reports also have the logo at the top of every page
  • Report Cover: The image on the cover page of the reports. Highest quality available image – it should be at least 2048×1024 to present professionally.

Uploading Images

When uploading, please consider the following:

  • Please select which role the image will be used for.
  • Supported image types: bmp, jpg, png
  • Icons and Logos must have a square ratio, the report cover image must preferably be twice as wide as it is tall.
  • Recommend Dimensions
  • Recommended Icon Size: 32×32
  • Recommended Logo Size: 256×256
  • Recommended Report Cover Size: 2048×1024

Please note that all these branding options will apply to each managed enforcer or profile depending on your set-up as well.


  • Ability to set the background colour of the cover page of the report.
  • Ability to set the text colour of the cover page of the report.
  • Custom website redirect from nav bar (Clicking image does redirect as mentioned above)
  • The “reply-to” email address. (This is also the address the reports will come from)
  • The name of the product
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