Internet ip database

About the Internet IP Database

LucidView analyses Internet IP’s across the web to ensure that content is classified and categorised correctly.  This database is extensive and thousands of sites and internet IP’s are added every hour of every day. The database is kept up to date and live by our crawlers using our AI.  Any unknown IP address or site is analysed and categorised within an hour of it being visited.  This database is valuable for both security and a content filtering.


The Internet IP database is especially useful in identifying security risk IP addresses on the Internet, typically IP’s that are used by hackers to plant ransomware, as well as dark web connections, malware and phishing sites.

Content Filtering

The database includes a number of categories such as adult, gambling, gaming, movies and more. You can make use of our categories to ensure your Internet is clean and free from adult content.

If you would like to purchase and subscribe to this dynamic database please do contact us.