Why is it important to control Internet Content?

There are many reasons why it is important to answer this question.  We can all name reasons why children, for example, shouldn’t have unfiltered access to the Internet.  There’s a vast amount of content that most people would agree is simply not suitable for the developing young mind.

Internet resources like bandwidth are not free and business requires a certain level of productivity from their staff.  Limiting Internet access to business critical applications is becoming more and more common.  At the same time, different departments or hierarchies might have different Internet requirements, for example, marketing departments may require access to social media in order to perform their jobs properly, whereas payroll staff may need banking applications to be given priority.

Security is another area where content filtering is important, it is important to block known malware and phishing sites.

There are also potentially legal issues that could arise in some regions and countries.  Piracy is an example of this.

Having the ability to provide a robust Content Filter to your customers if you are an Internet Service Provider will most certainly enhance your business and add value to your customers.

The LucidView Enforcer solution set has been developed specifically with ISP’s in mind.  We provide the scripts that allow you to turn an ordinary MikroTik Router into a powerful Content filter solution that is complete with your branding and logos.