Content Filter

The LucidView Cloud service is an Internet DNS service.


Access to this service is extremely user friendly.  Organisations, Service Providers and Auditors simply need to redirect  each of their clients (Fixed Source IP Addresses) upstream Internet resolutions to the LucidView Internet DNS Servers.


Once upstream traffic has been directed to the LucidView Internet DNS servers, the Administrator is able to effectively manage what content is allowed onto their client’s networks via the LucidView Cloud Service Administration Interface  


Using this service,  any ISP, MSP, Auditor or Administrator of an enterprise are able to provide their clients with a content filtering service based on that client’s requirements.



Categories Available


This organisation has the ability to easily select one, many or all of the following categories to block:

  • “safe mode” on YouTube and Google
  • Adult
  • Malware
  • Phishing
  • Web Anonymizers
  • Movies (Movies and TV series)
      • Google apps
      • YouTube
      • Facebook
  • Gambling


Effectiveness of the LucidView DNS Filter


The LucidView DNS service has proven to be extremely effective in most organisations when it comes to managing what content flows in and out of the network.


Unlike typical content filtering solutions available, the LucidView Cloud Service does not simply subscribe to lists.


LucidView uses our own sophisticated, dynamic algorithm to continuously update the categories described above.  This has proven to be significantly more effective than other category blocking solutions available.


LucidView also enables the creation of different profiles within an Organisation, effectively providing versatility and flexibility not available with other solutions.


Using the LucidView Content Management service alone  will provide the Organisation with tools to ensure that undesirable content is controlled and managed.


Tor and Torrent Management


As the Internet evolves and grows, so do the risks and challenges.  It is becoming more and more important to ensure that the Organisation is also protected from the threats posed by sophisticated content specifically designed to escape detection.  

The TOR Network in particular is increasingly growing in popularity.  Torrenting is also becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect.  DDOS Attacks occur with greater frequency.


The LucidView Content Management service alone is not designed to address theses sophisticated tools.  However, used in conjunction with the LucidView Netflow Dashboard and the LucidView Threat Management TOR & TORRENT Connection Management services, LucidView can detect and thus prevent access to the TOR Network as well as prevent Torrenting.