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Why you shouldn’t rely on DNS based Content Filtering

There can be no question to any parent, teacher or community leader that Clean Internet for children is an essential component of the education, social development and communication of almost all age groups.  If you weren’t certain before the pandemic, there can be no doubt now.

While we all recognise the benefits of Internet accessibility and availability, it is fair to say that every responsible adult should also be concerned about the amount of unsuitable and inappropriate content that is available on the Internet.

With the best intentions, adults have been searching the Internet for web content filtering solutions to protect vulnerable youngsters from explicit or adult content. Unfortunately, many well-meaning parents and teachers often settle on companies that make flashy promises of content filtering solutions that can’t actually deliver on these promises because the technology falls short and can easily be circumvented. 

For the most part, our experience has shown that web content filtering service providers make use of “DNS content filtering” only.  DNS content filtering on its own is extremely easy to bypass, as a simple Google search will confirm. For kids this is child’s play!

The reality is that making use of DNS based web content filtering provides you with a false sense of filtering and security.  In a school it just takes one kid to discover how and thereafter the entire school knows how, while those who “believe” that the DNS filter is effective are totally oblivious to the fact that it has been breached.

So what is the answer and what should you be looking for in a web content filter?

What you need to be looking for is a content filter that includes not only DNS filtering but also ensures that your content filtering requirements are enforced by a Content Filter Firewall.  

Firewall based Content filtering is extremely difficult to circumvent because it ensures that your content filtering policy is enforced beyond the control of your end users.  With the LucidView Content Filter, your Internet policy is enforced by the LucidView Cloud Firewall.  Your children or end users can only access the internet via this firewall because the firewall is effectively your Internet gateway and every device on your network, whether it’s a home network, a school or even an Enterprise or ISP, accesses the Internet via the LucidView Cloud.  Your rules are configured on this firewall and not even the savviest youngster will be able to modify these rules without you.

With firewall based Content filtering you can be sure that your Internet resources are used in line with your Internet policy.

Firewall based Content filtering need not be costly or complex

Due to their costs and complexity firewalls have in the past mostly been associated with large corporates and companies.  With our solution, this is not the case.

Technology has come a long way and LucidView offers Firewall based Content filtering for as little as $3 per month.  This amount covers up to 50 typical users and provides clean and secure Internet.

Configuring your Content Filtering policy using our technology is not complex for anyone with some technical know-how.  Additionally, we have experts across the globe that can assist with configuring the LucidView MikroTik Firewall based Content Filter. 

If you’re interested in the solution and would like someone to contact you to assist with the set-up, simply fill in this form on our website and we will put you in touch with a suitable expert.

If you have any other questions about the solution please feel free to contact us here.

Our Internet Management solutions are completely scalable and can be used by networks of all sizes – from a small family to large Enterprises.  Our solutions are also used by ISPs all over the world to provide their customers with value-added services.