Enforcer- Demo

See Video’s and a Live Demo of the Enforcer here:

Enforcer not blocking as expected:

Enforcer- Activating Netflow

Most of the Enforcer features, from the content filter to the powerful reporting, is dependant on Netflow data reaching the LucidView cloud. for more information on this see the link below.

Enforcer – Push back service

The LucidView Enforcer service has a “pushback” service for certain features of the Enforcer to work. See the link below for more details

Enforcer – Dynamic-dns-config

The LucidView Enforcer needs to use  LucidView DNS servers. See the link below for more details



Enforcer – DNS Escalation attack

MikroTik routers are vulnerable to being used in a DNS escalation attack if it’s DNS server is exposed to the internet (i.e. misconfigured) The link below shows how one can mitigate this risk.

Enforcer – Pricing