LucidView ENFORCER™ Portal

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Overview of the LucidView ENFORCER™ Portal

The LucidView Enforcer is a powerful Content Filter, and Internet reporting Engine for Mikrotik routers allowing for Clean Internet™.  See the LucidView ENFORCER™ website for more information.

The Portal provides VARs, MSPs and ISPs with the Mikrotik install script to install the LucidView Enforcer™ onto MANY Mikrotik routers

The install script is specifically designed to be an add on to an existing
Mikrotik carrying internet traffic.


LucidView ENFORCER™ features

Customized branding

The Portal allows you to upload personalised branding for your organization, such as logos, icons and the report covers for all the reports. This branding will be visible by your clients on each managed Enforcer™.

Dashboard Access

The Portal grants access to Dashboard views, for all of your client Enforcers. This provides powerful tools to analyse any (or all) of your client Enforcer’s Internet Traffic from a management perspective.

Individual Enforcer™ profile costing

The Portal calculates the total cost of all your Enforcers daily. The portal provides a convenient method for showing costing for the Portal as a whole, as well as individual LucidView Enforcers™. With this tool, the impact of clients or sites can be calculated and treated separately.

Easy management of all client Enforcers

The Portal allows you to easily access and configure all faculties available on your clients Enforcers. Remotely accessing functional Enforcers is subject to the consent of that Enforcers Administrator.

Create Enforcers

The Portal contains tools to allow you to create, or claim existing Enforcers so that they may be managed under your organisations control.

Claim Enforcers

The Portal contains tools to claim an already existing, independent and external Enforcer™. This is intended for independent clients, who have decided that they require external assistance and management of their Enforcer™.

Cost of LucidView Enforcer™ Portal

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Content and security filter

LucidView® has adopted an approach of providing a limited number of categories that the majority of parents, SME’s, ME’s and schools require, to produce a simple, easy to configure solution to offer Clean Internet™ for their purposes.


The LucidView Enforcer™ provides a variety of reports on your network, such as any security issues on your network,
a general Internet Usage Reports, and Individual devices on your network reports.
There is an option, to have automated reports emailed to the admin user’s email on a weekly basis.



Start using the LucidView ENFORCER™ today!

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