The LucidView MikroTik Enforcer is a sophisticated Internet Content Filter and Reporting Engine.  Allowing you, the ISP, MSP, WISP, IT service provider or large Enterprise IT department, to provide clean, safe Internet to your clients as per their definition. Create customised safe web browsing for your clients using the LucidView Cloud.  With our Cloud you can build this powerful tool using your existing MikroTik Router and our configuration script.

We offer a Live Demo and a Free Trial designed to demonstrate how, with our solution, you can provide custom clean Internet and safe browsing for your clients.  Please make use of our instructional video’s as well as the information on our How the Enforcer Works and Building Enforcer pages.

LucidView and MikroTik

LucidView is a Certified MikroTik Software Provider at and provides a sophisticated Content Filter for MikroTik RouterOS. This includes meaningful and easy to understand Cloud  Usage Reports (Netflow analysis) for MikroTik Routers called the LucidView MikroTik Enforcer.  

The Content Filter and Reports provided by LucidView ensure that you can provide detailed oversight and management to your clients.

Using our MikroTik Enforcer to provide your clients with clean safe Internet will allow you to block access to categories including pornography and adult material.  As importantly, it is a powerful Intrusion Detection System (IDS) protecting your clients from the many cyber threats out there.

LucidView presented at the Mikrotik User Meeting in Istanbul which was well attended.

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Key Features

Turn your existing MikroTik Router into a powerful Web Content Filter by simply applying our configuration script and creating what we call, the LucidView Enforcer, and enjoy the following features:

  • Sophisticated Content FilterProvides you the ISP or your Client to decide what Content is appropriate and deemed safe for their network. You can block anything from pornography to movies to social media with our easy to administer MikroTik Portal.  Make your customers experience safe.  Provide clean Internet as requested.  Add value.
  • Automated Internet Usage Reports  – reporting to a granular level on what the Internet traffic is being used for, which devices are using it for what, what malware sites were blocked and more.  The reports can be scheduled to be emailed to the client or accessed live via our Dashboard.
  • 100% White Label –  This product is aimed at ISP’s, WISPs, MSPs and IT Service Providers and is thus  a 100% white label, back-end product and can be branded with your logo’s and company details.
  • Pricing – has been designed so that you, the service provider, can supply this tremendous value- add to your clients without significantly increasing your costs.  It is extremely affordable at only $3 a month per Enforcer with unlimited users.
Designed For

The LucidView Cloud Content Filter and MikroTik Enforcer are designed primarily with following key objective in mind.

Creating a simple to use and cost effective Web Content Filter for ISP’s and IT Service Providers – As data speeds continue to increase and the cost of data continues to drop, consumers have numerous options to choose from when finding a service provider.  Our solution provides, you the Service Provider or ISP with an extremely powerful and effective service you can offer to prospective and existing clients.  

This Cloud Service, which we call the LucidView MikroTik Enforcer, is a 100% white-label, back-end solution that you can brand as your own.  Please feel free to view our demo or take advantage of our Free Trial

Our pricing has been carefully formulated so that offering the value-add to your clients doesn’t add a significant cost to you.

Using our solution, which is an extremely effective and difficult to circumvent Content Filter.  You can provide your clients with:

  • Customised Web Filtering – Web filtering that is in line with the customers usage policies.
  • Power Reporting  – Our Reporting Engine is extremely robust and versatile.  It comes with a number of predefined reports.  It also provides you or your client with ability to create custom reports to meet their unique requirements. Reports can be pulled on every aspect of their Internet traffic from host and domains accessed, to downloads, time spent, which device and when.  If you can think of it, a custom report can be created for it.
  • Dashboard Overview–  The LucidView MikroTik Enforcer not only provides content blocking, scheduling and reporting. It also comes with a valuable dashboard view whereby you or your clients can at a glance, see what is happening on their Internet resources.
  • AI URL Database – Our Content Filter is unique in that we don’t simply subscribe to existing lists, our solution is on a constant learning curve adding new URL’s to our databases constantly, ensuring that even in the event of a new site appearing that is not in line with policy, that site will be added to the block-list within an hour of the user trying to access it.
  • Custom White and Black Lists – any sites that your client wishes to access but falls into a category that they have chosen to block can be added to the white list and allowed.  The same can be done with categories that your client has allowed but where one or two of the URL’s are not inline with their requirements, these can be added to a black list and blocked without impacting the category.
  • Pricing – has been designed so that you, the service provider, can supply this tremendous value- add to your clients without significantly increasing your costs.  It is extremely affordable at only $3 a month per Enforcer with unlimited users.
Technical info

Netflow Analysis

The LucidView Cloud service offers a powerful cloud Big Data engine that makes RAW Netflow data meaningful and easy to understand. Using the LucidView Cloud Service, one can pull a variety of Reports on their Internet traffic.  Below are just a few of the Reports that can be pulled from your Netflow Data:

  • Domains and Hosts accessed view – Showing all domains and hosts that were accessed using your Internet resources
  • Category view –  where hosts are grouped into their respective key Categories such as Malware, Gaming, Adult contentInstant Messaging and more.
  • Remote hacker detectIdentify highly suspicious remote access connections which could have serious security implications.

Internet Content Filter for MikroTik Routers

The LucidView Cloud Internet Content Filter and MikroTik Router combined create a powerful, feature filled:

  •  DNS based Content Filter  – With the rapid growth of public WiFi access it is becoming necessary to ensure that the content you deliver is appropriate for its intended audience, clean Internet is becoming more important as data becomes faster and more  easily available.
  • Firewall based Content Filter – Here any connection that exists through your MikroTik, that is in contravention to the configured policy, in other words the policy that your clients require for their networks is strictly enforced.  Anything in contravention of that policy is immediately “killed” via the MikroTik Firewall, making the Content filter extremely difficult to circumvent and thus amongst the most effective Content Filters available.  Ensuring your clients Internet traffic is both kept safe from cyber threats and kept clean as per your clients requirements.

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Typical MikroTik Routers Used
hEX PoE lite
hEX PoE lite
MikroTik USB and PoE 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik USB and PoE 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik hAP lite SOHO 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik hAP lite SOHO 2GHz WiFi Router
MikroTik Cloud 72xCore SFP Plus Router
MikroTik Cloud 72xCore SFP Plus Router
MikroTik Cloud 9xCore SFP PC Router
MikroTik Cloud 9xCore SFP PC Router
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