MikroTik Enforcer Portal

Allowing one to configure any MikroTik router to utilise LucidView’s Web Content Filter and Reporting Engine — We call this configuration the “LucidView Enforcer”

White Label Solution – (Ideal for VARs)

The MikroTik Enforcer Portal is a white label solution, meaning that all your LucidView Enforcer reports can be customised with your own logos and branding, presenting the solution as your product and not LucidView’s.

A full API is also available for full integration with your existing client portal.

Dashboard Views

The MikroTik Enforcer Portal provides with you access to the LucidView Dashboard. Access to the Dashboard not only empowers you with the ability to create Dashboard views on your Enforcers (Overview or Specific), but additionally gives one the ability to drilldown into any and all logged data via a powerful GUI driven Reporting Portal.

MikroTik MUM Conference

Please see the LucidView slideshow for the Mikrotik MUM conferences

The Mikrotik User Meeting in Istanbul was well attended with an excess of 300 people. LucidView was fortunate to be offered a speaking slot at the conference presenting a well received talk on providing clean Internet and reporting methodologies for Mikrotik Routers running RouterOS.

Examples of Reports and Dashboards you can expect to see on your Internet traffic

Bandwidth Dashboard

view demo

Basic Dashboard

view demo

Regional Dashboard

view demo

Malware Dashboard

view demo

Customized scheduled reports

Weekly Malware Report

view example

Weekly Category Report

view example


We endeavour to provide the best Content filter and Reporting solution, at the lowest price.

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MikroTik Installation Guide

The MikroTik Enforcer Portal will ask for the serial number of your particular MikroTik,
and generate an install script for you.

See the guide over here