Filtering and Reporting on Content via Platform

The LucidView Content Filter allows you to block content via platform.  For example, you or your customer may want to block social media but allow Facebook.  The LucidView Platform allows you to select Facebook specifically and exclude it from the social media block.

How to Block or Allow a Platform

By simply listing “Facebook”, for example,  in the Exception List, rather than manually inputting every individual domain such as,, etc., you streamline the process of blocking or allowing access to the entire Facebook domain network.

This approach simplifies management tasks, sparing administrators the need to hunt down and add each domain separately. Whether the aim is to permit or restrict access, a single entry suffices to encompass all associated domains under the Facebook umbrella. Thus, if the intention is to block Facebook, specifying “Facebook” in the list efficiently achieves that objective, covering all domains linked to the platform.


Your reports will also show each platform independently. In other words, Facebook will reflect as just Facebook on your reports as will other platforms reflect exactly what the platform is.



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