My VPN is showing as connected on my MikroTik, however the LV Cloud indicates that my MikroTik is offline, why?

If you are experiencing this issue you need to confirm the following:

  1.  Input rules on the Mikrotik need to be configured to allow either all connections from the LucidView portal on the lvcloud interface or the input rules for the lvcloud interface must at the very least allow port 22 TCP (SSH) as well as ICMP.
  2.  Ensure the policy of the VPN interface allows LucidView to allocate an IP address for the lvcloud interface. This is typically in the network range. If another pool is used by default for any VPN connections, this may override the IP address assigned by the LucidView cloud.
  3. Ensure the traffic leaving the Mikrotik on the lvcloud interface in masqueraded to the IP LucidView assigns. 
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