Why Netflow data is essential for your IPS?

The LucidView Webcrawlers analyse each and every connection into and out of your network.  Each connection is identified, analysed and then categorised.  Suspicious connections are eliminated.

Identifying and removing suspicious connections within minutes of them flowing into or out of your network is critical to your network security.  It is these connections, that if left unidentified, allow unauthorised hackers to remotely connect to your network from the Internet and plant malicious software such as ransomware.

Our crawlers are able to identify a single suspicious connection amongst tens of thousands of connections by doing a full inspection of all your netflow data every few minutes.

It is like looking for one shred of hay that looks exactly like all the other hay in the haystack but is toxic and deadly.  It needs to be found before it kills in animals in the barn and new bundles of hay are being delivered constantly to the barn.

Our crawlers are able to identify that single toxic connection by quickly and constantly analysing each and every connection into and out of your network and removing the toxic connection before it can cause any harm.

Not sending your netflow data to our cloud opens your networks up to tremendous harm.

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