How do I schedule user reports for my LucidView Enforcers or Enforcer Profiles?

This video provides a step by step guide on how to schedule user reports for your LucidView Enforcers or Enforcer profiles.

How do I schedule reports?

Step 1

To receive scheduled reports please log in to your LucidView Portal,under “Enforcer Count” click on “View All” .

See image on the right:

Reporting Scheduling 1
Select Enforcer to Schedule Reports

Step 2

Once you have clicked the “View All” button you will be presented with all your Enforcers.

Please see image on the left:

Step 3

Login into the Enforcer you wish to schedule reports as per the image on the right.

View Reports
Scheduling Reports

Step 4

Once you have logged into the Enforcer you want to schedule reports for you should be on a screen that looks like the image above.  Select the “View Reports” option as per the image.

Step 5

You should now be on a screen that looks like the image above – select the “email reports” button as indicated on the right.

Schedule your reports
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