I am unable to reach some website even though I haven’t blocked any categories?

If you are unable to resolve a domain and you have not blocked any categories on the Content Filter and have disabled the IPS setting (we strongly recommend against this) you will need to do a little troubleshooting.

  1. Please resolve the domain on the command line with nslookup so we can see what the result is.  Blocked sites will resolve to If not, the site is not blocked via the DNS filter.
  2. Based on the IP in 2., if it is not the block IP, can you find the IP address for the domain in the lvcloud_kill_list?
    1. If the IP address is in the list, it is possible it was blocked due to policy before disabling any blocks. It should be removed within a few minutes of updating the blocking profile. If it does not disappear from the address list there may be a configuration issue that needs to be addressed.
  3. Is there an error message for the page that does not load?
    1. Error messages are often useful in locating the source of the problem. Please study any error messages and also include them in your support request if the above does not assist in resolving the problem.

Other important information to include in support requests is a list of the filter rules. We need to know if there is a change on the client side, or even preexisting rules, can cause issues.

Please also read this FAQ, it includes possible cause and the resolution.

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