How to create white and black lists with the MikroTik Content Filter

This video provides a step by step visual guide on how to whitelist a host that falls into a category on your block list and conversely, how to blacklist a host that falls into a category that you allow.

How to create white and black lists with the Exception List

In the event that there is a specific domain that you want to be able to access but still wish to block the category, you simply need to whitelist the domain conversely, should you want to deny access to a specific domain but not block the entire category you can simply blacklist the domain you want to block.

How do I create exceptions that override my Category Blocking?

Exceptions are done with the use of whitelisting and blacklisting the desired Domain, host and IP’s.

The whitelisting and blacklisting option empowers you to do more manual override configurations, over and above the category blocking policies.

For example, blocking the movies category and only allowing Netflix access by adding to the whitelist, or by allowing the category social media and only blocking by adding it to the blacklist.

How To configure override exceptions

  • Login to your Enforcer Profile
  • From the landing page, click on “Configure Category Blocking” under Content Filtering, also accessible from the drop down menu.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Exception List”
  • Click on the plus sign “+” under either the whitelist or blacklist and enter the domain or IP subnet in the required field, You may enter a “Comment” if you would like to add any extra information
  • Remember to click “update Expectations”
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