Creating exceptions to Categories – Whitelisting and Blacklisting:

In the event that there is a specific domain that you want to be able to access but still wish to block the category, you simply need to whitelist the domain conversely, should you want to deny access to a specific domain but not block the entire category you can simply blacklist the domain you want to block.

Follow these steps to whitelist the domain:

  • Log into your account 
  • Click view all Enforcer Count
  • Log into the Enforcer 
  • Go to Category Blocking
  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on white/blacklist (Whitelist (allowed sites) Enter the domains that you want to allow. This will override any blocks introduced by the category blocking system.
    Blacklist (Denied sites) Enter the domains that you don’t want to allow.)
  • Click on add new 
  • Add the domain and click “ok”
  • Make sure you click on “save changes” so that your changes take effect. 
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