Generating Reports

While viewing all Enforcer profiles an easy method to generate reports for profiles also exists in the form of the “Generate” link available to each Enforcer profile. (Except for if access to the Enforcer Profile is denied)

Three main types of reports are accessible. They are: namely, network reports, specific IP reports and Specific Category reports. Network reports provide an easy to understand overview of the network traffic being utilised by this profile. Specific IP and Category reports are available to shed more insight into the usage of a particular IP address or the specific details of a certain category.

Reports provide valuable insight into your network traffic and can be used to measure performance, manage usage, guard against security threats and much more.

Steps to generate a report for your MikroTik Enforcer or Enforcer profile:

  • Login into your MikroTik Portal Account
  • Click on “View All” under your Enforcer Count
  • Locate the Enforcer or profile you wish to generate a report on
  • Now you can either log in to the Enforcer or simply click the “generate” link
  • You will now be presented with a number of ready-made report types.
  • Select the report you want to generate and then choose the options (dates etc) that you want to be included.
  • Click generate.

How to generate reports for your LucidView MikroTik Enforcer?

This video provides step by step instructions on how to generate reports for your MikroTik Enforcer.

How to Generate a Security Report

To generate a security report for a specific Enforcer profile follow these steps:

  • Login to your LucidView MikroTik Portal
  • Click on “View All” Enforcers
  • Log into the Enforcer you wish to create the report for
  • In the “Reports & Dashboards” section click the “Generate Reports” link
  • Under “Detailed Category Reports” click “Generate Now“
  • Now select your desired report type, filter and time-frame
  • In the drop down menu under “Select Report” choose the “Specific Category Connection Report”
  • In the drop down menu under “Select Category Filter” choose “Security Risk”
  • In the drop down menu under “Report timeframe” choose the time-frame you desire
  • Click “Generate”

Generating a Security Report

This video demonstrates how to generate a security report for a specific Enforcer. 

This report provides much needed insight into the connections that are likely malware or represent unauthorised access from remote hackers.