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Navigation Bar and Landing Page

This video takes you through your LucidView MikroTik Portal account’s navigation bar and landing page.

The navigation bar is the space at the top of the screen which contains the logo, account name and current user email address. This navigation bar is persistent, and will show on every screen. Configure “custom branding” settings to change the logo and the URL redirect from clicking the logo, to options of your choice. You may access the Home Page at any time, by clicking your account name on the navigation bar.

The Home page of the LucidView MikroTik Portal also referred to as the landing page is the central location of your Administrative Portal account. From this screen, a variety of options are available.

Notably, under the centre block labelled as “Enforcer Management” you will find the “View All” button that shows all of your created Enforcer profiles. You may create a new Enforcer Profile by clicking the “Create New” button. Various configuration options as well as access to features are available from the home screen.

The navigation menu is a drop down menu containing easy access links to the main portions of the Administrative Portal. It can be accessed on any screen by clicking “Menu”, which can be found on the right most side of the navigation bar (Top portion of screen).

How do I customise my portal?

You can customise the logo and redirect the URL in your navigation bar with your own branding.