Your Privacy

LucidView is committed to your privacy. Please view our privacy policy by clicking here and our data retention policy for Enforcer profiles here

The Privacy Policy (Also known as the internal IP logging feature) is a reporting feature that enables reporting on individual IP addresses within a network. This is a feature that needs to be explicitly enabled before traffic logging of internal IP addresses begins.

Accepting the Privacy Policy

This video explains what our privacy policy is and why it is important that you accept it.

Below is a step by step breakdown of how to accept the policy for those who prefer to read.

How to accept the Privacy Policy

  • Log into your Enforcer Profile
  • If the policy has not been accepted, you may try to generate a specific user report, and the terms of feature acceptance will be presented.
  • Alternatively, from the drop down menu, there is a dedicated option to access the privacy policy menu.
  • Reports will not contain internal IP information, neither will you be able to generate specific user reports unless the terms of this feature has been accepted.
  • You may disable this setting at any point in time.