Scheduling Enforcer Reports

This video provides a instructon guide on how to schedule user reports for your LucidView Enforcers or Enforcer profiles.

Scheduling Reports

You can schedule reports to be sent to the administrator of the Enforcer profile, or to any other email address. These scheduled reports use the same reports available when generating reports, however, they are now sent via email on a time frame of your choosing.

How to Schedule Reports

  • Login into your MikroTik Portal Account.
  • Click on “View All” under your Enforcer Count
  • Locate and log into the Enforcer or profile you wish to schedule a report for.
  • Click on “Generate Reports” under “reporting”.
  • Click on “eMail Reports”
  • Click on “Create New”.
  • Now You will be presented with a number of ready-made report types.
  • Select the report you want and then choose the options (dates etc) that you want to be included.
  • Click “Create Schedule”