Lucidview Guardian

GUARDIAN™ Proxy Server

  • Internet Proxy server for Enterprise Environments.
  • Reverse proxy for Internet facing websites.


Powerful proxy solution providing reporting and insight into your network.

The LucidView Guardian is an appliance that is usually installed at your organisation’s internet gateway to serve as a a firewall and proxy gateway to deliver complete network visibility.

An extremely powerful device, the LucidView Guardian seamlessly combines bandwidth and internet management tools (ordinarily only available from competitors as separate products) into one central solution.

This proxy device opens complete network visibility, enables reporting on all traffic moving through the network, delivers Active Directory Authentication, as well as content and protocol-based traffic prioritisation, time-based rules, firewalling and more.

It is an extremely scalable solution and, when used in conjunction with the LucidView Command Centre, it becomes possible to apply and enforce network policies and rules from one central location, regardless of network geographic distribution.

This solution is intended to to manage the internet and networking resources of large enterprises and because it is proxy-based, it is not designed as such to accommodate direct access devices such as smartphones.

The LucidView Guardian and Command Centre are shipped as appliances and the hardware and software are linked together as a complete product. Each appliance is identified with its own unique identifier and license keys are not interchangeable.

LucidView Guardian Pricing

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