Why would one of my Familiar Device names not be working?

The problem is most likely related to upstream DNS.

Normal browsing users are intercepted with the DNS intercept rules. You should observe that there are two, one for TCP and another for UDP. 
When you’re in the bypass list, the lvcloud_bypass rule above the DNS intercept accepts the traffic and does not allow the connection to be redirected by the rules below it.
However, if your DHCP sets the Mikrotik as the default DNS server, the end user in the bypass list is still using the Mikrotik as its upstream DNS and is thus blocked.
There are two ways to resolve this:
  1. Set the upstream DNS for the DHCP server to use an open resolver on the Internet, such as Google’s or your ISPs DNS servers.
  2. Change the NAT rule for  lvcloud_bypass to redirect the bypass users to an open resolver. This is probably the easiest, however, you are then limited to only one upstream resolver.

If you still experience issues after following these steps please feel free to contact us

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