Providing your customers with access to their Traffic

This video shows you how to provide your customers with access to their Enforcer Profiles from your LucidView MikroTik Portal.

You will have to give the customer the Enforcer Unique ID and the Admin Address of the profile should be set to the user Email address. 

They can then gain access by going to 

You can also add the users email address to multiple Enforcers that will enable your customer to access all his profiles should their be more than one.


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How you can provide your customer or user with access

Once you have logged into your account look for User management (see image below)

MikroTik Enforcer User Management
Step 1 in providing customer with access to their own profile/s

Click on Enforcer User

MikroTik Enforcer User Accounts
Step 2 in providing your customers with access to their own profile/s

Click on New Enforcer User.

Adding a new user to the MIkroTik Enforcer

Add all the information and save by clicking on create.

Creating an Enforcer User for your customer
Step 4 in providing your customer with access to their own profiles
For example, if you wanted  to create an account for customer John Doe whose email address is “”. Then, any Enforcer that has “” as the admin address, will automatically be associated with the newly created Enforcer User account.

Enforcer User accounts can log in at
After logging in, you will be presented with the list of Enforcer Profiles associated with that User Account.

Please feel free to contact us should you need assistance or have any further queries.