Content Filtering and Reporting Solution (No hardware required)

Our DNS Content Filter and Netflow Analysis portal is entirely cloud based.  No hardware is necessary and it can be used by any individual, organisation or ISP.

This solution can be used with any OS or existing hardware infrastructure.  The solution provides for a centralised cloud based Content Filter and Reporting solution.

DNS Filter

The DNS Filter allows you to manage your Internet content based on your requirements.  LucidView has an extensive DNS database that is constantly learning and adding new websites to the database.  These are quickly assessed and added into the appropriate category, which is then allowed, or blocked as per your requirements.

No hardware is required you simply need to contact us for access to the portal, once you have an account, you will be able to login to the portal and configure your categories.  If you have a fixed IP you can simply redirect it to go through the LucidView Cloud, if you don’t have a fixed IP then you simply need to create a VPN to the LucidView Cloud.


Netflow Analysis

For meaningful insight into your Internet traffic, you simply need to export your netflow data to the LucidView Cloud.

The LucidView Cloud accepts Netflow data, analyses and categorises the traffic into content type.  Additionally the metrics are analysed and can reported on.  This includes analysis on how much bandwidth was used by whom, how much bandwidth was used by each category such as; Social Media, Streaming, Downloads and Updates to mention a few.


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