Netflow Traffic Analysis

  • Providing visibility on your Internet traffic
  • Meaningful analysis of your firewall or router log data


Almost all firewalls and/or routers are able to export raw log data as Netflow. 

LucidView offers the following solution to any person, company or enterprise that would like their netflow data converted into meaningful human-readable reports.


The LucidView Cloud accepts Netflow data, analyses and categorises the traffic into content type.  Additionally the metrics are analysed and can reported on.  This includes analysis on how much bandwidth was used by whom, how much bandwidth was used by each category such as; Social Media, Streaming, Downloads and Updates to mention a few.

Make sense of your Netflow data using the LucidView Cloud..

Examples of Reports and Dashboards you can expect to see on your Internet traffic

Bandwidth Dashboard

view demo

Basic Dashboard

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Regional Dashboard

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Malware Dashboard

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Customized scheduled reports

Weekly Malware Report

view example

Weekly Category Report

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